About Us

High on a hilltop in the historic Hudson Valley, Faraway Farm is home to award-winning huacaya alpacas, prized for their soft, colorful fleece. This beautiful property has been in the Blumberg family since 1951. These days farm owners Leda Blumberg and Steve Cole continue the farming tradition, taking pleasure in tending the land, their alpaca herd and their Icelandic Horses. 

Organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, shitake logs and flowers dot the hillside alongside the alpaca pastures. Leda and Steve are committed to keeping this enchanting property a sustainable working farm, sharing their love of alpacas while producing luxurious homegrown yarn and a wonderful selection of alpaca clothing.

Just 40 miles north of New York City, the farm is often the location of choice for fashion magazines, wedding photographers, theater companies, television shows and independent photographers. Leda and Steve also host educational tours, private events and workshops throughout the year.


“Our journey into the heart-warming and whimsical world of alpacas began in the fall of 2007. While driving home from visiting our daughter in Vermont, we spotted a colorful herd of alpacas grazing on a roadside meadow. Of course we had to stop. A chocolate-colored cria (baby alpaca) wandered over to the fence line. She looked like an overgrown teddy bear, covered with lustrous fluffy fleece. Looking into that cria’s large, soulful eyes triggered a life-changing moment—we fell in love with alpacas and there was no turning back…. After extensive research, we chose our foundation herd.

Our alpacas spend most of the year peacefully grazing on our hillside meadows. Once a year they are shorn, a painless procedure that is done for their health as well as for the luxurious fleece. We send our fleeces to a small New England mill where they are turned into yarn, which we use to make uniquely beautiful apparel.”